Saros Gulf, Edirne, Turkey .. the magic of beaches competes with cultural attractions

Saros Bay, located within the borders of Edirne (northwestern Turkey) and northeast Aegean, plays a role in the diversification of tourism in the state, originally famous for cultural and ideological tourism.

Although it has long coasts, Saros Bay is not very active in the field of beach tourism and swimming, in addition to being one of the cleanest bays in Turkey.

Surrounded by the Gulf of Saros from the south, the regions of Galipolo and Iggy Abat in the state of Janakkala, and from the north are the regions of Enaz and Kishan in the state of Edirne, and it is characterized by the ability to clean its water by itself.

The coasts of Yayla, Enas, Erikli, Daneshment, Majidiyeh and Gokceepeh are among the most popular coasts for swimming and diving in Saros Bay.

The Gulf is one of the most prominent coasts suitable for windsurfing in the world. It is also an important destination for diving enthusiasts, as its waters contain about 144 species of fish and 80 species of aquatic plants.

Last month, a 60-meter-long plane weighing 90 tons was dumped at a depth of about 30 meters, with the aim of preserving fish wealth in the Gulf waters and encouraging diving tourism.

As well as the establishment of a number of sidewalks earlier, which has made it the focus of attention of many tourists recently.

The Gulf is also famous for camping tourism, as it is located 150 km from Edirne and about 250 km from Istanbul.

** Variety of tourism in Saros

The Director of Culture and Tourism in Edirne Province, Ahmed Hajioglu, tells Anatolia that his city is not only famous for cultural, historical, and ideological tourism, but also offers important alternative options for tourists in the field of marine, agricultural and water sports tourism.

He pointed out that Saros Bay owns unparalleled coasts in the north of the Aegean Sea, and is an important resting area near Istanbul.

He stated: “There is a widespread belief that tourism in Edirne is a Selimiye, the Kakava Festival, and oil wrestling, but in reality it also has a coast of 76 km in Saros Bay, where it is famous for beach tourism, diving, as well as rural and environmental tourism in the villages scattered in the region. “.

He pointed out that Edirne is one of the rare cities that abounds with many types of tourism at the same time.

And he added that the proximity of Istanbul to Edirne makes it a distinctive tourist destination for those wishing for marine tourism, historical, cultural, and water sports.

He explained that tourists can perform a number of tourism activities in the areas close to each other, as tourists from Istanbul can reach Saros Bay within a short time.

And the visitor starts his day by eating a rural breakfast, and then entering the sea with the aim of swimming, diving, and performing a number of water sports, then eating a meal of fish for dinner, and returning to Istanbul in the evening.


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